Expressive Arts

“When we move, it affects how we write or paint. When we write or paint, it affects how we feel and  think. During the creative connection process, one art form stimulates and nurtures the other, bringing us to an inner core or essence, which is our life energy.  Natalie Rogers

The Expressive Arts work that I use in some of my workshops is grounded in the Person-Centred Expressive Arts Therapy model of Natalie Rogers. Natalie called her method of working, ‘The Creative Connection’ where the use of one art form is taken into successive art forms to deepen exploration.

No experience of any art form is needed for this work, just a willingness to explore through different media.  This can include, for example, the use of expressive drawing with paints or pastel, the making of collage with a range of materials, free writing, movement with or without music and the art of dressing- up.

It’s a playful approach to the use of creative tools and there are many possibilities within it.