I have been dancing one way or another since childhood, an ongoing passion for the sense of aliveness and creative possibility I feel when my body is moving in tune with rhythm and melody. Not surprisingly then, when I first came across 5Rhythms in 1994, it was love at first dance! Finding myself in a hall with a wealth of exquisite music and the space to move as passionately and creatively as I wished was nothing short of bliss. I was hooked and went on to complete the 5 Rhythms teacher training with Gabrielle Roth in 2001. I have also, since 1999, been engaged with the practice of Expressive Arts Therapy, using the creative arts of writing, visual arts and movement as tools for healing and self discovery. I hold an advanced certificate in the group facilitation of Person Centered Expressive Arts Therapy, based on the Creative Connection work of Natalie Rogers. I particularly enjoy combining the Expressive Arts and 5 Rhythms in many of the workshops I offer. My professional background prior to becoming a 5 Rhythms teacher was in Botany working as a Research Fellow in Plant Ecology. Outside my role as a teacher, I am a photographer, poet and writer, pursuits which keep me connected to a love of landscape, flowers and the beauty of the natural world – great sources of ongoing inspiration and teachings for me, some of which, I hope, find their way back into the workshop space.